Month: August 2017

High Quality Matching His and Hers rings Set options from MidwestJewellery

High Quality Matching His and Hers rings Set by MidwestJewellery.  When it comes to shopping for his and her wedding rings set, although having a pre-matched trio wedding ring sets for him and her will simplify the shopping experience for you and to be fair it may be cost effective as well for budget-conscious engagement ring shopper. But at the same time, it will limit your options considerably. We have put together some of most popular Bridal Sets with a matching separate Men’s wedding band. These are few quality options for wedding ring sets for him and her....

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How to calculate the Cash Value of Scrap Gold!

Calculate How much is your scrap gold worth? You have Gold to sell? before you walk into any cash for the gold place or any other jewelry store that’s claiming to offer you top dollar for your gold. You don’t have to be a jeweler to calculate scrap gold value anymore, Here is what you need to know! Below is the easiest way to calculate the approximate value of what your Gold… You will need to know; Karat of Gold, Weight of your gold Jewelry, Spot price for gold for that day. Karat of Gold, Most gold jewelry will be stamped 10K, 14K, 18K 21, 22 or 24K. Look for the stamp carefully. If there are markings such as GF or GP that’s typically means this isn’t real gold its either gold filled with very low percentage of gold or gold plated. Weight of Your Gold Jewelry store use gold weighing scale for accurately weight: gold, gold can be weighed in pennyweight (dwt) or Grams. Keep in mind that weight will include weight of gemstones in your jewelry. Spot Price for Gold: Spot Price will give you value for 1oz of Pure gold i.e 24K. Simple google search for ‘spot price of gold’ will render the price per oz in below format Live Metal Spot Price (24hrs) Jul 27, 2017 at 21:01 EST GOLD SPOT PRICES TODAY CHANGE Gold...

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How to Select the Best Trio Wedding Sets for Him and Her?

Trio Wedding Sets for Him and Her Trio wedding sets rings to improve this timeless sign with the count of a third ring: a womanly engagement ring that features a complimentary style which will win her heart and wonderfully decorate her hand. There are lots of designs and styles of Trio Wedding sets ring, making it hard to choose the best one. Worry no more because this article will guide on the process of choosing the best Wedding Trio Sets rings for you. Prior to deciding on size or style of wedding trio set rings, make sure to set...

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Marriage Proposal Ideas

Marriage Proposal Ideas Fun Wedding Proposal Ideas Thinking about getting married? You’ll want to plan a fun wedding proposal. We found some wonderful, memorable marriage proposal ideas and have paired them up with our best wedding ring sets. No matter your taste, you’ll find a wedding set that is perfect for you. We’ve got antique wedding sets, trio wedding sets, rose gold wedding sets, and more! A fun way to include your best friend is to use them in the marriage proposal. Get the family pet involved like these grooms did: marriage proposal with the family pet. Don’t forget the cats! Cats want to be a part of the marriage proposal too. Pick the perfect trio wedding set from Midwest Jewellery.   Free Marriage Proposal Ideas Looking for a Romantic Proposal Idea?  Paint “Marry Me” in the bottom of a ceramic coffee cup and then serve up her favorite coffee in a moonlight picnic.       For a romantic marriage proposal ideas, watch this YouTube video:     No matter how you choose to propose, you’ll want to find the most beautiful, affordable engagement ring you can find. That’s where Midwest Jewellery comes in, we’ve got a wide variety of affordable engagement rings for even the pickiest of brides.             Surprise her with a message in a bottle wedding proposal           Make...

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Fall Date Ideas that end with Jewellery

Memorable Date Plans for the Fall With it’s changing leaves and cooler temps, fall is rapidly approaching. There is no better time to plan a special fall date for your significant other! There are so many wonderful fall traditions that would make a perfect date. We are sharing some simple fall date ideas that end with jewelry! Here are a few delightful ideas for a fall date Whether you love the outdoors or prefer to be inside, you can meaningfully share a day or evening with your loved one. 1) Pumpkin Patch Date: Go to the pumpkin patch. Pick a pumpkin together, enjoy a hayride, and spend the evening carving it. Pumpkin patches in the fall are simply delightful – the quintessential fall experience. 2) State Park Date Ideas: Visit a local state park. Pack a picnic and take a hike through the woods. Don’t forget the thermos of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate! The lovely scenery and quiet park are perfect ingredients for a romantic date. And these days, they aren’t your granny’s park. You can ride a zipline, go water rafting, and a whole lot more! 3) Stay at Home Date Ideas: Have a date-night-in. Plan a special menu, shop for the ingredients, and cook together. Set the table in front of a crackling fire, light some candles, and add some background music. Finish with a simple dessert and an old movie. Whatever you choose, let your significant other know how...

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