In traditional Jewelry stores, mens wedding bands feel to be completely neglected category as if Jewelers are simply not interested in selling Mens wedding rings. You will find just a few plane wedding bands in different metal types. Men’s Diamond wedding band collection is very limited in traditional jewelry stores.

But be sure that understands the need of modern men for new and unique styles of wedding rings that are masculine looking, comfortable, dressy, durable and still having some bling to it.

Lets divide the Wedding Bands in with diamonds or without diamonds

Men’s Comfort Fit Wedding Bands:

There are numerous choices within Wedding bands metal choices,

Titanium Wedding bands:

With 3 times the strength of Steel Titanium wedding rings is very durable and much harder to scratch compared with Gold or Silver wedding rings. Its also a choice metal for space shuttle parts due to its lightness in weight and thus Titanium wedding bands are much lighter than Gold wedding bands.

Titanium Wedding Band


Titanium Band with Gold Ion Plated Inlay–3sm8zy4

We will be discussing Tungsten Wedding Rings, White gold and Yellow Gold Wedding bands and Platinum Bands in Next Blog posts.




Mens Milgrain style wedding band in yellow gold