The origin of the promise rings needs to be explored. While many of the couples tend to overlook the tradition of gifting promise rings, these rings are considered as eth sign of commitment and devotion amongst the couple. This can be the best way to express your passion when you are running short of words. It is a sign that you are promising yourselves to each other. The similarity of emotions of passion and commitment is seen fully expressed with the matching promise rings for couples.

Halo Rose Gold Engagement RingsThere are some couples who employ the promise rings to share an engagement in making better choices or making sacrifices for their relationship in the future. Whatever the reason for giving the promise rings, the matching promise rings for couples are here to stay. The origin of promise ring in the modern context can be evidenced in chronicles from 1576. At that time, in England, posy rings were used by couples to make promises and commitment towards each other. There were romantic messages and poetic lines inscribed on the ring. It is also considered that when a couple was not in a position to formally get engaged and enter into wedding due to financial or other problems, they would display loyalty and commitment with promise rings.

promise-ring-couplesWhich matching promise ring for couples should you choose?

It is imperative to determine what kind of promise rings would be the most suited for a particular couple. You need to consider the nature of your relationship, individual styles, and preferences and your budget before opting for the most suitable promise rings. A popular choice is the mosaic of gemstones or the birth ring. There are promise rings featuring heart shapes and symbols of infinity. You can also find promise rings expressing finer connotations towards romance and find beauty. There are also metal promise rings with intertwined designs like two or three tone gold rings. There are more classic ones that express in a subtle way like the silver gemstone rings. The traditional Irish Claddagh ring is probably the most intriguing way to express your commitment as a couple. Promise rings for him and her in sterling silver are also quite acceptable. You can also opt for those in gold ad having stackable diamond precious stones.

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