Diamonds are considered as a symbol of love and romance; a man proposes the woman of his dreams with a diamond ring. One of the things that make a diamond unique is how it’s cut. Considered one of the best diamond cuts is the princess cut diamond. Regarding shape, the upside face of a princess cut looks like a square or sometimes a rectangle. While, the sides are similar to a shape of an inverted pyramid.
Princess cut diamond has gained popularity in recent years and is being used primarily for engagement rings. Created by Israel Itzkowitz and Betzalel Ambar in the year 1980, this diamond cut has even surpassed the great round brilliant cut in terms of popularity.
But the big question that arises here is, why princess cut diamond jewellery is so much popular these days? Well, let’s start with the price. Princess cut diamond jewellery costs much less than a round cut diamond jewellery. The reason is due to the reverse pyramid shape, which translates to half of octahedron of the rough stone from which the princess cut diamond is made. In simple terms, one octahedron stone gives two same sized princess cut diamond, which results in lower wastage and consequently a lower price.
In addition to that, the price of the princess cut diamond also costs less because the princess cut retains about 80% of a rough diamond when compared to round cut, which includes only 50% of the rough diamond. Now let’s get into the nitty-gritty, i.e., how to pick the correct princess diamond cut.
1. Shape– For a real princess cut, the length-width ratio should not be more than 1.05:1. In terms of rectangular princess cut, their length, width ratio should not also exceed more than 1.25:1.

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2. Stay away from pavilion bulge– While buying a princess cut diamond, keep in mind to avoid the rock with a pavilion bulge. To understand this more clearly, take a look at the diamond from the side through a 10x loupe. The appropriate shape is the slope of the pavilion from the girdle to the Culet.

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3. Check if the points of the princess cut have been chamfered– The points or to be more precise the sharp corners of the princess cut are very much prone to chipping. Before buying, see whether the points have been chamfered.

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While these are some of the tips and tricks to check the true princess cut diamond, the best option is to buy the diamond cut from a reputed store. Besides, we highly recommend Midwest jewellery for buying your princess cut diamond jewellery, as we shows the real pictures, with a 360-degree look for any diamond cut you are buying. You can visit our website at