Buying an engagement ring is one of the most important decisions that you will make in your entire life. After all, it is a gift that symbolizes love and attention – and one that stays for a lifetime. If you are in the market for an engagement ring, there are tons of choices and different options to choose from.


That is why today, we are helping you get through all the different engagement rings out there (from promise rings to diamond rings) and helping you select the perfect engagement ring for your loved one.


Saying the magical ‘yes’ is a moment of perfection. A moment when all the wishes collide, all the memories come back again – and all the perfect things are right in front of the eyes of the newlyweds.


Among the many different things like the scenery, way of proposing and place, there is one thing that makes no proposal possible – an engagement ring. Now, choosing the right fit among all the different engagement rings for women can be a tough decision.


And that is why today, we are helping you get through all the different engagement rings out there (from promise rings to diamond rings) and helping you select the perfect engagement ring for your loved one.

1. Setting Your Budget

The first thing every groom should decide is the budget for the engagement ring. A thing worth to be told at this point is that engagement (or promise) rings are a purchase that will last a lifetime – and potentially be transferred to new generations. As such, it should definitely be one of great value.


That is why more and more people are considering diamond rings as the perfect type of engagement ring. However, one should always have a price gap in mind before starting to explore the collections.


The good thing is that even though rings are expensive, there are many different affordable engagement rings  that will make most of any occasion and perfectly suit the bride. Still, there is no hard and fast rule about how much money you should really spend on an engagement ring – other than the fact that you should spend what feels comfortable for you.


P.S. If you want to propose, do not try to delay because you cannot find an affordable engagement ring. After all, the ring is a symbol of your love – and a ring is not meant to postpone your marriage. A humble ring can also be a memory of the hard-scrabble time when both of you were young and can be updated or redesigned in the following years to come.

2. Exploring The Different Engagement Rings, Styles & Collections

There are so many different engagement ring types nowadays, and most of them come with different price tags. Basically, these types of promise rings are all unique on their own and have a story to tell.


That is why we are taking a moment or two to talk about each of them in detail – starting from the most popular option – diamond rings.

Diamond Engagement Rings

Diamond rings are also known as gemstone rings. The most classic style features a center diamond, but the design can vary. The reason why diamond rings are most popular out there is simple – more than 90% of engagement rings feature a diamond of some kind, and sapphires are the second most common engagement ring gemstone out there.


While almost every bride would appreciate a diamond ring, if your girlfriend’s taste is unconventional – you may want to see the other engagement ring types before making your decision.

Vintage Engagement Rings

A vintage promise ring can also be a great idea if you are tied to a memory or a certain style from the past. Even though vintage engagement rings are not as common as the classic diamond rings, they are still present and are the favorite option of many newlyweds.


Vintage engagement rings can also count diamond rings in the category, especially if we are talking about a princess cut engagement rings or special items of one kind.

Wedding Sets

The wedding sets usually combine a different engagement ring and a special wedding ring for both of the occasions. The main idea is to complement the other style and be visually consistent – so if you are going for this type, make sure to pick engagement rings that are visually similar or styles that complement each other.

3. Choosing A Precious Metal

There is a rule known as the “Four C’s” when it comes to choosing precious metals and going for a specific design type in a promise ring. Basically, what it refers to is cut, clarity, color, and carat, or as follows:


  • Cut – This is the only characteristic of a diamond that is not influenced by nature. It basically refers to the facets and the way in which they are angled and sized – dictating how light reflects and exits the diamond. The cut also determines the shape of the diamond in promise rings, with the most common shape being the round cut.
  • Color – As you probably know, the most valuable color is white or colorless, and every jeweler grades colorless diamond engagement rings with a ‘D’. The scale moves up to ‘Z’ in terms of different subtle colored tones between these two extremes.
  • Clarity – A lot of people get hung up over the clarity of diamond rings. Even though most diamonds are invisible to the naked eye, there are ones that are more clear and ones that aren’t. Obviously, the more clear a diamond is – the greater the value it has.
  • Carat – If you are wondering what does carat refer to, it is the unit that measures the weight and thus the size of a diamond. Basically, a carat is divided into 100 smaller units called points – and the average size of most engagement rings is somewhere between one carat and half a carat.


All of these Cs are equally important for promise rings.


When it comes to metal types, the most common options include white gold, rose gold, yellow gold, platinum, and palladium. The best way to choose a metal type is to go by the clothes and jewelry that your girlfriend wears. If she prefers yellow jewelry, a yellow gold engagement ring can fit her style perfectly. On the other hand, if she finds white gold as more elegant, you can go for any white gold-looking metal type out there. And if she is somewhere in between, you can pick a rose gold engagement ring offering a chic and contemporary look.

4. Figuring Out The Ring Size, Shape and Setting

This is another tricky moment when shopping for engagement (promise) rings. While asking your girlfriend about her ring size may cause some suspiciousness, determining the size by yourself is tricky – but not impossible. Most usually, men ‘sneak’ rings from their brides-to-be and bring them along in shops.


The most common women’s ring size is 6, but it should not guide you to your purchase. The best thing to do is either sneak a ring and take it to a jeweler to have it sized – or trace one of your loved one’s rings on a piece of paper. Even though engagement rings should fit perfectly from the first try – most rings can be resized and come with a resize policy.


Regarding shape, the round engagement rings are the most popular out there. However, you also may want to consider the princess, oval, pear and heart-shaped promise rings. As for settings, the most common ones include the eternal Tiffany setting (with a diamond on top), the eternity band (With diamonds all around the ring), a bezel setting (metal rim that encircles the stone) and the channel setting (diamonds placed into a metal channel).

5. Buying A Promise Ring From A Jeweler (As The Best Decision You Can Make)

There are several alternatives to buying engagement rings from jewelers such as buying rings from shops or at auctions. However, if you want a new ring and one that is dedicated to your love and story, it is best to visit as many jewelers as possible and find the most affordable engagement ring that suits your taste and budget.


Jewelers are also great when it comes to creating custom engagement rings. There are many different shops that can work with your specifications about the 4Cs, metal type, ring size and the style you are after.


However, make sure to buy a ring from a store with a long-standing and solid reputation as well as sound gemological knowledge. Also, make sure to see if the diamond rings they sell come with a gemological certificate. If yes, you should definitely keep the original certificate for you rather than a copy.


  1. Insuring Your Engagement Ring

A lot of people are into ensuring their engagement rings only because they are the major financial and sentimental investment. Because of the investment of money, emotion and time, ensuring your diamond rings can be a great decision to make.


In that case, you have a few options such as:

  • The homeowner’s/renter’s insurance – These policies allow you to add the value of expensive items such as jewelry to your coverage and are able to cover engagement rings stolen or damaged in accidents. However, this option does not insure you in case you lose the ring while cleaning the toilet.
  • Actual value policies – These policies are quite simple – they pay you the value of the ring minus its depreciation. For example, a ring that cost you $2,000 may be worth $1,500 after a few years – or money that will be paid to you in case of theft or loss.
  • Replacement insurance policies – In this policy, you are entitled to a refund of the market value of the ring you bought. For example, if you bought a ring with a gold band and a diamond with a perfect cut and clarity, the insurance company will pay you the current going price for a ring like that. These policies are very interesting because of the possible appreciation of gold and diamond prices.

A Final Word

If you are planning to join most of the men and buy your lady the perfect diamond engagement ring, you should stick to the previously mentioned advice and pay close attention to every detail. After all, getting married is the best time to be special – and engagement rings are all about purchasing objects that last and stay as a permanent symbol of the most important relationship in your life.